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tv   Headline News  RT  November 6, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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crowds in hundreds of cities across the globe take part in a million mask march against corruption corporate greed and online privacy breaches . mansions between germany and the u.k. over spying allegations grow for elaine accuses london of breaching international law by using its embassy as a surveillance post. and reaching for the stars the olympic torch for the winter games in sochi paris for lift off and its first ever spacewalk we report on the launch site.
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watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshing now guy fawkes night to con a global feel this year activists in more than four hundred cities of around the world turn out for the million mask march to show their anger at corrupt politicians corporate rule and state surveillance in london the night was marred by bonfire scuffles and arrests crowd started a fire near buckingham palace block parliament square artists are first was there. oh right we were trying to the first about the protests the lady among the other callers that read a lot of resistance from the protestors this sort of others are all the people no more live as well mostly even though all the not only the laws. but basically very very ugly right at the lovely cried my favorite lovely no please ruin the whole movement look i know exactly that that it would be a. book
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rather unexpectedly the million mom march here in london has paid. the fees that me from the houses of parliament where they were protesting and they won't write down all of them out here in london if you look behind him they're all walking down the aisle with. this. woman ma'am last rights i think here in london have ended up outside buckingham palace with. them even making it across the day we sing classes breakouts and i between police and protesters and some of the groups then saying often as he says coming over way down here of course this maybe has been taking place in cities around the world tonight but here in london protesters ending the evening outside buckingham palace serafin oxy longer than. and across the
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atlantic for tass tours in the united states also took their chance to deliver a firm no to corporate greed and privacy breaches crown's marched through downtown los angeles to show their solidarity with the movement manny of them aligned to the occupy wall street front on the east coast activists also gathered outside the white house to protest our washington correspondent dan if you can report. here in washington you have different protest groups marching under the umbrella of the anonymous they protest different things they protest what they see is a police state they focus against the persecution of whistleblowers they protest against all saying told the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds so generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of the people. who are. so we're standing next to the white house what do you want president obama
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to hear you want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the banks being bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling they're drowning in debt we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the n.s.a. to edward snowden to chelsea manning all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking out regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough we want justice we want to know and people ask if a decentralized mass movement like this can achieve anything other than just making noise well last year they were instrumental in informing people about the system legislation that would provide legal protection to internet giants that spawn all private information that their users truthout with agency and now in light of edward snowden's revelations they demand a drastic overhaul of the n.s.a. now the movement rolled downs and almost every continent in new or of france italy and portugal saw crowds gathering in the sheets wearing masks alice were in canada
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mexico and brazil no demonstrations also drew crowds in japan australia new zealand the guy fawkes mask has become a symbol of protest movement and one of the top selling items online. hard pressed to not find this mask at a recent protest but ironically every time the mask is purchased time warner gets a cut just because of time turners move even for the company also trademark the mask but despite this disturbing contradiction the mask still serves a very noble purpose it's helped to give activists immunity and identity to anonymity. now the spying scandal between germany and britain is gathering force berlin has
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warned london that using its amber sea as a surveillance post is illegal under international law the allegations of u.k. snooping come on the heels of another revelation america's unprecedented spying on the german chancellor or does laura smith has the details that we know of course that it wasn't just the u.s. who was eavesdropping on the germans revealed that britain probably was to this information comes from the edward snowden leaks from n.s.a. documents from aerial photographs and of course from past form and it suggests that the u.k. has its own nest of intercepting equipment on the roof of its own embassy which of course is in the heart of not very far from the parliament told far from calls of. this equipment intercept mobile phone calls and it's well known that angela merkel conducts a lot of government business through mobile phone calls and also through text messages can also incept was flight data and long just longer distance
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communications right across the german capital so it's incredibly intrusive person crazy for the british red faces all aroud and the british ambassador has been summoned to the german foreign minister to try to explain himself we already knew about. out about the u.s. . listening equipment and it's basically the same deal equipment on the roof of the embassy which if you see pictures of it it's pretty obvious that it's that it's a sort of white box but apparently it's not visible from the street to talk and german and u.s. diplomatic relations have really hit an extraordinary story relations have really had some extraordinary since this since this was revealed and we can expect the same for the u.k. if the ambassador isn't able to provide not to this explanation and the first test of those relations particularly between the u.s. and germany is coming up next week that's basically trade negotiations between the u.s. and the european union understandably now in jeopardy now everyone in germany is
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convinced that their government was unaware of its allies spying antics and we talked to one of those skeptics from the pirate party the german government of course did notice what was happening on the roof top of the u.s. embassy and the u.k. embassy because it's clear for everybody who looks at that big what's going on there but i think that the german interior secret service they are not allowed to investigate on the las and this is simply because germany right now is a subclass part of the b. of the us and they want to become a first class partner so our government is simply selling our privacy and their own privacy to climb up the ladder. also how this hour and best a geisha chance lying on military torture in the us and independent record shows that the fans department and the cia mastermind the abusive treatment doctors and
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medical staff are in charge of the details. and will an international tribunal lead to the release greenpeace activists detained in russia the dutch motion and the russian reaction in just a few minutes. the day still public services and transport have been crippled by a nationwide strike against tightening hysterically the move coincides with the arrival of the country's international land there is known as the troika accused by manning of destroying greece the creditors are there to convince the government to take another couple of billion euros for next year's bailout while athens says it needs five times less joining us live now is a series from the civil servants confederation in greece thank you so much mr sinatra's for joining us here on r.t. to discuss the situation in greece so first off tell us why is there such
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a difference in a staring estimates. what had it all for muslims i wanted to send to all of you that we want to send a message to the government and to the that it is enough with this kind of a study policy this football to see you have. already for three years they promised that it would be a development in the country if we should be a growth but you said of these we see growing up we see unemployment and when we don't see any results in the numbers and b.s. and the statistics and the figures so for the public better than the public deficit so instead of this we see more of the blame and people and the sound of it we see. in public sector less less money for for a for a for a payment so the situation cannot continue more well indeed you know mr it's not is it surprising given the fact that greece is board around two hundred forty billion euro since the start of the bailout program so why is it not helping the country to
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get out of dire straits. i cannot i cannot hear you clear i couldn't hear you clear but that item say that i can say that would try to continue to continue reacting in this policy yes. yes two hundred forty billion euros were borroughs by greece to deal with its problems so why is it then not helping the country to get out of the economic dire straits. i don't think that they're willing they willing is it good to get the country out of crises we said already that there is in that it is an experiment and this experiment will continue and they want to impose this policy in other countries also it's not only greece as you know it's all mediterranean area and it continues and as we know and as we heard from our general secretary public service international misses a problem nearly said that the situation is all around europe now so we just wonder
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if we are living in greece in utopian countries or something has changed already we have one hundred million mining if they are willing where do you think the bailout money is going. we we already we already all these loans everybody knows that all this money they're giving they're going to have to pay back these loans but it's not on the loan we we didn't say we didn't say that we want to pay the loan to pay back the loans but that we are saying all that is that there are limits and there are limits in interest rates and there are limits of how many how many how how big profit. so that's why it was said that it's enough with a profit it's enough with the speculation that we need these two to keep their word for state that we need this to support the society to continue living instead of this i said before also we see we see all the day families going to the poverty not only the state well look you compare greece and other mediterranean countries
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saying that they're all not doing very well this point but if you look for example at what's happening in ireland and the government there says it's to and the bailout program successfully so why can greece follow suit. and let me let me just something. about ireland because i don't want to say anything. i just i just want to say that of course of course that they say that it was a success a successful successful. example but that i know is that that they would continue in the budget into all fourteen. continue cutting their wages and increasing taxes so this is the this is the easy policy this is the easy politics and i cannot understand if we want to leave in a utopian country with the social model for it before and we gave you and offered a second pfizer's for so many years ago or if we want to build something new to
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build something new so they have to invite us to discuss as a sociological but i think that just one to impose these new policy with us right mr whistle as snark is from the civil servants company ration in greece thank you so much for sharing your views with us here on our team. and to other stories now the sochi two thousand and fourteen winter olympic torch relay is approaching and a story checkpoint final preparations are being made to sand it into orbit my denarius is at the cosmic drown where the launch will take place. up up and away yes the countdown begins it's now less than twenty four hours until the olympic torch makes this moment in history this fascinating journey up to the international space station it will be approximately eight am tomorrow in moscow the launch where we also see. in london eleven pm in new york of course this is a moment in history of course not only the fact that it's the second time. the race
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spacecraft have docked with the i assess and will be a total of nine crew members on board so i'll be quite a party up there my opinion i think the space station is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind in modern times because of the international cooperation of all the countries involved so it's great that we can tie these two great events in an elim pics in the international space station tie them together in some small way and we're happy to be a small part of it. the olympic flame is one of the most ancient symbols of peace and it's a great responsibility and a great pleasure to be working with this symbol. taking the specially modified torch because of course you can't have a naked flame in the vacuum of space out of the s.s. on the night of november and the scheduled to come back here down to earth on the eleventh of november lots of press here from all around the world a frenzy of excitement here in baikonur of course there's lots of military the
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heightened security is in full places going to be almost children military here of course this is now part of the exciting pan russian school for the olympic torch it's already been to the north pole where it was on nuclear powered ice breaking ship it will make its way to lake baikal the largest freshwater lake in the world go to the very very bottom of that lake and it will also make its way to the tallest mountain in europe to the peak of elbrus before its final journey to the olympic opening ceremony on the seventh of february next year insults you know on the black sea so a lot so look forward to but of course at the moment for the next twenty four hours all the eyes on the olympic flame and the torch his journey to more to the i assess to look forward to in a moment that's promised to be literally out of this world. and online we're following every facet of the eleven big flames journey around russia and beyond so
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you can keep an eye on the record breaking torch relay at our team dot com. and more news just ahead for you here on r.t. . there's the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the sea ocean secure the place your party there's the. shoes that no one is that stand with to get that you deserve answers from. politic.
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wealthy british style it's time to rise. to the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for our no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. kinds of reports on our team. welcome back us medics working for the military have been accused of using torture to gather intelligence from terrorist suspects a new and a panel reports suggest the department of the fans of the cia ordered doctors to carry out quote any humane and cruel procedures dr alan kalar who took part in the inquiry says many of the techniques were designed by medical staff themselves. it
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was clear policy and practice of the department of defense and of the cia that following the tragic events of september eleventh that torture was institutionalized and that health professionals not only participated passively but frankly led this led this in terms of developing the abusive torture methods that were used in kata following their use and in. a law i that these methods are safe and effective it's to interrogation techniques there is no question that they were torture they were dangerous they were abusive they're not effective at a listening accurate information and they are wrong and we've got plenty more for you on our website out on twitter including the fukushima exclusion zone our report
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. is there now and has been posting some striking images of the abandoned residential areas near the crippled nuclear plant. and on our you tube channel we've got breath taking food it's of a man reaching a speed of three hundred kilometers per hour in a jet engine near mount fuji. the news today violence is once again. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. charlie corporations room today. the netherlands is taking russia to maritime corps demanding the release of greenpeace activists detained in the arctic more than a month ago environmentalist who tried to scale a russian offshore oil rig aboard
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a dutch flagged vessel or charged with the whole organism or any of those killed brace the details of the case. russia's not going to take part in the proceedings the russian authorities from the get go were saying that they actually have a lot more issues with the dutch government than the dutch government could possibly have for moscow russian authorities are saying that they have been closely monitoring the activities of the arctic sunrise for quite some time in the have been worried about them and how very repeatedly asked that as authorities to do something about the vessel and. those who are on board the arctic sunrise the netherlands remained kind of mum on the whole matter now what is the netherlands are hoping to take out of this tribunal is the provisional release of the thirty people who are on board the vessel from jail in which they have been since the middle of september they're hoping to get ruling from the international tribunal sometime in the next couple of weeks. and one around the world now in
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china a series of bombs exploded outside a regional communist party have waters killing one person injuring eight ball bearings place in the devices ripped through a crowd of government employees who were heading into work just over a week ago two tourists died and dozens more were injured in a terrorist attack when a car rammed into a crowd on tenement square. luckily as rebels say they're anding their armed insurgency and will now use only political means to attain their goals and twenty three groups have been fighting the government in the eastern democratic republic of congo since two thousand and twelve however the militants were forced out of their strongholds last week in an offensive launched by the congolese army and bag by un troops at least eight hundred thousand people have fled their homes since the start of the fighting. to mexico now where a rally of farmers demanding fair prices for their products turned violent
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protesters clashed with riot police officers were caught on camera resorting to brutal. with protesters seen being dragged through the ground and kids manning mexican farmers say they've been driven into poverty by competition from subsidised imports and low prices forced on them by corporate monopolies. after years of financial turmoil the british economy is showing signs of recovery but so far the construction sector remains in the doldrums leaving of workers unemployed artie's boyko takes a closer look at where the industry is heading. it's supposed to be a bellwether for the economy as a whole but britain's construction industry has been crippled by the financial crisis literally this central london site was supposed to house a skyscraper called the politico but those cranes over that have been lying idle
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for almost two years off the financing for the office tower dried up now instead of the pinnacle those in the business preferred to call it the stump instead while commercial buildings lack private funding government budget cuts have hit public projects hard one hundred fifty thousand skilled construction workers in the u.k. are out of was and on the dole that welfare payments are costing the government over two billion pounds a year if this government invested when that kind of power and it continued with the various plans such as building schools for the few. building new hospitals we would have actually been prime building workers to produce for the country on the other side you promised so experts have advised the government that if they invest just five percent of those two billion pounds on funding public building projects such as affordable housing they'll create thousands of jobs there's been a big pool of government investment and
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a projected for continuing to next be is there all things that government can do to get this industry believe me again and i think what we're saying is that government is to get on and do that and not allow the stagnation to carry on for the next five years while sites are abandoned the workforce has been losing skills to paper over the cracks all those have been stepping in there are a lot of modern workers working on construction sites british were close saying to baby the more elderly workers on saw i think that is probably caused by the lack of apprenticeships and the lack of trying in this type complies in our industry economic recovery tends to us. with the construction sector beginning to move and the good news is that after years of stagnation in the u.k. the only way from here is the. funny boy i think the sun sets. as local elections get underway in several u.s. states abby martin looks at whether voters are being given any real alternatives
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that's coming up next in breaking the. wealthy british style it's time to explain the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our. margy
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dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. what shaken people i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set well it's november fifth which means someone somewhere is voting today somewhere their governor races are taking place in virginia and new jersey and there are some interesting ballot measures like washington state attempts that require labeling new jersey voting to raise their minimum wage and there's a marijuana legalization measure on the ballot in portland maine these are all great initiatives don't get me wrong but what the measure that openly lets you vote for your favorite corporation or super pac because let's be honest that's what we're really choosing at the voting booths is take a look at this map from mother jones that explains which industry is carrying the
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most weight in this election now whether it be health care gambling or energy companies are making sure that they're getting their elected official of choice so today's election like every other election serves as just a reminder of the looming corporatocracy and lack of true choice in american democracy. the. it was terrible a. very hard to take. to get there. that are facts that are right there. that. took.
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place. last friday's shooting at l.a.x. was disturbing to say the least but the mainstream media speculation coverage didn't do much to quell the public's nerves. the shooter approached the checkpoint and shot a t.s.a. agent multiple shots were fired quick six a succession of rifle was used we are still left without knowledge of whether this person got through security. it is sounding from everything that we're beginning to gather here on the news day it's sounding more and more like he did but the fact of the matter is early reports are so often inaccurate i dwell on this because it's going to affect all of our lives well we got it from the actually two sources that in fact one of the t.s.a. agents.


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